Wedding Card Messages

Thinking what message to write in the wedding card? Composing out an exceptional and truly encouraging wedding card message for a friend, relative, daughter, son or any other loved one who will get marry can be quite a test.

You may use ready made wedding card messages you can readily find in the internet which suits best what message you wish to give the couple.

A way to do it is also by combining them or changing them as you need to make them fit the couple who will receive your gift of words. Another idea is to simply copy a scripture for the couple to reference.

If you can’t find the wedding card message that will work for your card below, then you can write your own wedding message in the card. If you are that worried about what you write, remember that your card will likely be viewed a few seconds and then kept away in the box after the wedding.

Here are some funny Wedding Card Messages:

1. “Here’s to limiting your options, ’til death do us part’.”

2. “Whoever said that marriage is easy must have died on their honeymoon. Wishing you a long and difficult marriage.”

3. “A good marriage is like a good marriage.”

4. “Let the arguing begin”

5. “A good marriage is where two people love each other and decide to screw everything up by forcing themselves to stay together through anything. Here’s to your good decision.”

6. “Newlyweds argue over little things. Old couples argue over little things. Newlyweds make up easily. Old couples make up easily. The only difference is make-up-sex as opposed to make-up-‘Jeopardy’. Wishing you the best through the awkward years in between sex and Jeopardy.”

7. “Marriage is all about driving each other crazy; old people just prefer to drive slower.”

8. “Whoever thought up the idea of matching up people for life has a sick sense of humor, but must be a genius.”

9. -‘Til death do us part’ isn’t really that big of a commitment as old as you two are.”

10. “Did you know Sequoia trees live 1,300 years. If your marriage ever gets old, just be glad people don’t live as long as Sequoias.”

11. “Since finances is the number one topic for marriage partners to fight about, life’s biggest irony is starting by spending as much money as you possibly can on your wedding.”

It may sound offending but by putting or adding some humor in the message in the wedding card can be quite appealing to the couple and it may save them a stress from the wedding day.