What to look for in wedding catering on Long Island

Anyone that is looking for wedding catering on Long Island will find that there are quite a few different options. People may choose to locate a service or work with the recommendations they receive from their wedding planner. Others may use someone that another family member or friend recommends.

People may want to get started looking for someone as soon as they start planning their wedding and reception. Some of the best companies are booked well into the next year. People that wait too long thinking that this is something that can wait a bit to accomplish are sometimes disappointed. It also can take time to consult with the different companies to find out what is available as to menus and decide on food.

It can help to work with someone that has been in the area and has an established reputation for several reasons. It is probable that a company like this has provided service at the same location before. This eliminates any mix-ups about where the reception is held and helps everyone to get to the site on time. The other bonus for working with an established company is that it will have established vendor relationships long ago so there will be no missing elements or other unwanted surprises.

Pricing can vary and some people will have more robust budgets to work with. For those that want to be more financially conservative, many companies have more modestly priced menus and can possibly suggest things like hors d’oeuvres instead of a sit down dinner depending on the time of day. There are also some menu selections that may be priced lower than others.

People will want to find out about what kinds of services are provided and if there are additional ones available besides food. Many companies have all the rental equipment such as tables and chairs, tends, serving platters, linens and dishware. This is important to ask about because not every company may be full service. Besides catering staff to prepare and help serve food, many companies also have bartenders that can serve drinks.

Some companies have tasting events so that couples can try the different recipes. This can be a good way to see if the food is what the couple has in mind or they need to keep looking. People will want to have some ideas in mind yet be open to possibly having something different. People will sometimes find that they get something completely different from what they first wanted.

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